Mission Statement

Provide recommendations on the health, safety, welfare, public works and planning for the North Fair Oaks geographic area



4th Thursday of the Month, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

North Fair Oaks Community Center
2600 Middlefield Road
Redwood City, CA 94063

Member Roster

Current Membership Title Appointed Expires Representing
Warren Slocum Member     Board of Supervisors
Linda Lopez Chair 09/10/2013 12/31/2019 Resident
Rafael Avenido Vice Chair 09/10/2013 12/31/2019 Resident
Laura N. Caplan Member 12/07/2004 12/31/2016 Resident
Beatriz Cerillo Member 04/28/2009 12/31/2019 Resident
Dale Miller Member 01/30/1996 12/31/2016 Resident
Mary Martinez Member 02/19/2015 12/31/2018 School
Everardo Rodriguez Member 02/19/2015 12/31/2018 Resident
Esperanza Vazquez Member 12/07/2004 12/31/2016 Business
Rosario Gonzalez Member 01/24/2017 12/31/2019 Resident
Rosaura Lopez Member 01/24/2017 12/31/2019 Resident
Melinda Dubroff Member 01/24/2017 12/31/2019 Resident
Diane Zermeno Alternate Youth Member 01/24/2017 12/31/2017 Youth
Emily Cordova Youth Member 01/24/2017 12/31/2017 Youth


Members must be either a resident (homeowner or renter) or a representative or owner of a business located in North Fair Oaks area. In addition, the Community Council may include one youth member who shall be a non-voting member.


Three years; maximum 12 years


Addresses the needs of the community and serves as an advisory council to the Board of Supervisors.


Board of Supervisors




Melissa D. Andrikopoulos, Deputy County Counsel
Office of the County Counsel
400 County Center, 6th Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063


Resolution No. 54597 adopted December 11, 1990