Mission Statement

The purpose of this Committee is to assist in the achievement of the objectives of the Planned Agricultural District Ordinance and the San Mateo County Local Coastal Program.


2nd Monday of each month

Historic Half Moon Bay Train Depot
110 Higgins Canyon Road
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Member Roster

Current Membership Title Appointed Expires Representing
Robert Marsh Chair 04/14/2009 06/30/2021 Farmer/Grower
BJ Burns* Vice Chair 04/14/2009 06/30/2021 Farmer/Grower
VACANT Member 07/27/2004 06/30/2017 Farmer/Grower
Louie Figone* Member 05/31/2011 06/30/2018 Farmer/Grower
John Vars Member 01/24/2017 06/30/2020 Farmer/Grower
Doniga Markegard Member 04/23/2013 06/30/2021 Farmer/Grower
VACANT Member 11/20/2001 06/30/2017 Farmer/Grower
VACANT Member     Conservationist
Brenda Bonner Member 04/23/2013 06/30/2021 Public
Fred Crowder Non-Voting     Agricultural Commission
Steven Rosen Non-Voting     Planning Liason
Jess Brown Non-Voting     Farm Bureau
VACANT Member     Agriculture Business
VACANT Member 07/01/2005 06/30/2017 Public
Jim Howard Non-Voting     USDA Natural Resources Conservation
VACANT Non-Voting     UC Coop. Extension
*Burns’ dates do not include time served prior to term limits, between 1980 and 2001.
*Cevasco’s dates do not include a partial term served prior to his present three terms.
*Figone is serving a partial term, which does not count toward the limit of three.
Johnson’s dates do not include a partial term served prior to her present three terms.


Fifteen members, consisting of one Agricultural Business, one Conservationist, seven Farmer/Growers, two Public Members and four Non-Voting members (Executive Director, San Mateo County Farm Bureau; Executive Director, National Resource Conservation Service NRCS; County Director, UC Cooperative Extension; and County Agricultural Commissioner).


4 Years; maximum 12 years (applies only after 1995)


The Committee is to actively assist in the preservation of agriculture throughout San Mateo County by advice and recommendation to the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.


Board of Supervisors




Kim A. Marlow, Deputy County Counsel
Office of the County Counsel
400 County Center, 6th Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063


Ordinance No. 2614 adopted October 16, 1979, creating Division VI, Section 6358; Board actions May 26, 1981, March 26, 1985, and November 7, 1995; Resolution No.  66228 adopted September 9, 2003; Resolution No. 66502 adopted February 24. 2004.