Mission Statement

To reduce and prevent domestic violence and enhance victims' services.

Meetings & LOCATION

2nd Thursday/month on a quarterly basis (January, April, July, October) 

3:00 PM – 4:30 PM

455 County Center, Room 101
Redwood City, CA 94063

Member Roster

Current Membership Title Appointed Expires Representing
Warren Slocum Chair 01/01/2013 Categorical Member Board of Supervisors
Linda Gibbons Member   Categorical Member Sheriff
Art Stellini Member   Categorical Member Police Chief's Association
Noelle Bruton Member   Categorical Member Health System
Karen Guidotti Member   Categorical Member District Attorney
Al Serrato  Alternate   Categorical Member District Attorney
Selina Toy-Lee  Member   Categorical Member Human Services Agency
Nellni Singh Member   Categorical Member Pyramid Alternatives
Melissa Lukin Vice Chair   Categorical Member CORA
VACANT Member   Categorical Member Legal Aid of SMC
Chris Abalos Member   Categorical Member Probation
VACANT Member   Categorical Member SMCOE
Robert Spencer Member   Categorical Member Keller Center
VACANT Member   Categorical Member CSW
Michael Callagy Member   Categorical Member County Manager
Catherine Carlton Member 01/01/2014 12/31/2017 Council of Cities
Karen Ervin Alternate 01/01/2014 12/31/2017 Council of Cities
Robert Foucrault Member   Categorical Member Coroner
Protima Pandey Member   Categorical Member Bay Area Legal Aid
Kristi Lynn Denham Member 01/26/2013 12/31/2017 At-Large
Bernadette Plotnikoff Member   12/31/2014 At-Large
Victoria Colligan Member 01/26/2013 12/31/2017 At-Large
VACANT Member     At-Large


A member of the Board of Supervisors; the County Manager or his/her representative, the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court or his/her representative; the Sheriff or his/her representative; the District Attorney or his/her representative; the Coroner or his/her representative; the County Superintendent of Schools or his/her representative; the Chief Probation Officer or his/her representative; the Director of the Health System or his/her representative; the Director of Human Services or his/her representative; the Director of the Keller Center or his/her representative; a representative of the Council of Cities; a representative of the Police Chiefs’ Association; a representative of the Commission on the Status of Women; two individuals representing non-profit agencies servicing battered women; one individual representing agencies or individuals who provide treatment services to batterers; one individual representing each of the two non-profit agencies providing legal services to battered women; and four individuals representing the community at large.


4 years; maximum of 3 terms


To evaluate, make recommendations and initiate activities regarding: current responses of law enforcement, the judicial system, health care services and community resources; local government efforts to reduce domestic and family violence; public awareness and public education necessary to effect prevention activities; the collection of statistics and data; the adequacy of federal, state and local laws; and the need for services for those who are victims of domestic and family violence. The Council will develop an annual work plan and submit an annual report to the Board of Supervisors


The members representing non-profit agencies servicing battered women, agencies or individuals who provide treatment services to batterers, the non-profit agency providing legal services to battered women and the community at large are appointed by the Board of Supervisors




Monali S. Sheth, Deputy County Counsel
400 County Center, 6th Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063


Resolution No. 62407 adopted November 17, 1998.