Mission Statement

Prevention and early intervention services will focus on first time offenders or youth that are at risk of being adjudicated wards of the court under Section 601 or 602 to expand and develop a continuum of community-based, family-focused services addressing the full spectrum of child and family needs. Program components will be preventative in nature and shall promote asset development.


Quarterly on the fourth Thursday of the quarter, 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. *Chief's Conference Room* 222 Paul Scannell Dr., San Mateo CA

Member Roster

Current Membership Title Appointed Expires Representing
Dave Pine Member 10/2011 10/2013 Board of Supervisors
Reyna Farrales Member 05/01/2015 05/01/2018 Deputy County Manager
Michele Gustafson Member 11/01/2015 11/01/2018 JJDPC
John Keene Chair 06/10/2013   Chief Probation Officer
Susan Manheimer Member 2009 2012 Chief - Local Law Enforcement
Jane Smithson Member 12/17/2002 12/31/2011 At-Large
Richard Boitano Member 01/31/2000 12/31/2005 Local School District
Joan Rosas Member 2011 2014 County Office of Education
Rick Halpern Member 02/01/2012   Juvenile Court Private Defender
Steve Wagstaffe Member 01/03/2011   District Attorney
Trisha Sanchez Member 2010   Sheriff's Office
Loc Nguyen Member     Human Services Agency
Clifford Cretan Member 2015   Superior Court
Stephen Kaplan Member     Health System
VACANT Member     Community Based Organization
VACANT Member     Parent/Guardian At-Risk Youth
VACANT Member     At-Risk Youth
Adam W. Ely Staff     County Counsel


Seventeen members: a member of Juvenile Justice Council; the Chief Probation Officer, or his/her representative; the Director of the Health System, or his/her representative; the Director of the Human Services Agency, representing Child Protective Services, or his/her representative; the County Superintendent of Schools, or his/her representative; a representative of a local school district, or his/her representative; a representative of local law enforcement, or his/her representative; the Sheriff, or his/her representative; the District Attorney, or his/her representative; a representative of a community based organization; a minor who has received services under W&I §§601 or 602; a parent or guardian of an at risk youth; the Juvenile Court Judge, or his/her representative; a member of the Board of Supervisors, or his/her representative; the County Manager, or his her representative; the Juvenile Court Private Defender, or his/her representative; and an at-large community representative


Three years; maximum 12 years


Advise the Chief Probation Officer in the development of the proposed expenditure plan for funds provided under Chapter 3.2 of the Welfare & Institutions Code


Board of Supervisors




Resolution 63326 approved January 11, 2000

Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council Local Action Plan 2011 - 2015

The San Mateo County Probation Department completed a Local Action Plan outlining the assets and service needs of youth in the County.