Mission Statement

The Measure K Oversight Committee was established following the voters’ approval of the Measure A sales tax in 2012 to conduct an annual audit of the Measure A sales tax funds to ensure transparency of the Board of Supervisors approved expenditures. The name of the oversight committee has thus been changed to reflect the passage of Measure K in 2016, which extended the sales tax until 2043.


To be determined

Member Roster

Member Title Appointed Expires Representing
Honorable Dan Quigg Member 07/09/2013 06/30/2019 District 1
Michael Salazar Member 06/27/2017 06/30/2019 District 1
Ken Chin Member 06/27/2017 06/30/2019 District 2
Sam Hutkins Chair 01/28/2014 06/30/2018 District 2
VACANT Member   06/30/2019 District 3
Naomi Patridge Member 07/09/2013 06/30/2019 District 3
Michael C. Kovalich Member 06/27/2017 06/30/2019 District 4
Manuel Ramirez Vice Chair 07/09/2013 06/30/2019 District 4
Edward Isip Member 06/27/2017 06/30/2019 District 5
Tom Ledda Member 07/09/2015 06/30/2018 District 5



Ten members of the community. Two residents from each Supervisorial District of the County.


Two years.


In November 2012, San Mateo County voters approved Measure A to authorize a half cent sales tax for ten years. As part of that ballot measure, the Board of Supervisors called for a community Oversight Committee to be established to conduct and report on an annual audit of the funds. The State Board of equalization began to collect quarterly sales with allocations in October 2013, and quarterly thereafter. The Measure A Oversight Committee is required to annually review the audit of the sales tax funds. In November 2016, the voters approved Measure K, which extended the sales tax until 2043.


Board of Supervisors




Justin W. Mates, Deputy County Counsel
Office of the County Counsel
400 County Center, 6th Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063


Board Resolution No. 72649