Mission Statement

Evaluates and monitors local agency investment to ensure safe and high rate of return on public assets

Meetings & LOCATION

January, April and October, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM, ending time varies

Tax Collector-Treasurer's Conference Room

555 County Center, 1st Floor

Redwood City, CA 94063

Member Roster

Current Membership Title Appointed Representing
Denise Porterfield Member 01/25/2011 School Superintendent
Jim Saco Member 10/27/2008 County Budget Director
John Marty Member 01/12/2010 Treasurer, City of San bruno
Margie Gustafson Alternate 01/25/2010 School Superintendent
Reyna Farrales Alternate   Deputy County Manager
Stephanie Osaze Member 01/13/2014 Bay Area Quality Managment District
Sandie Arnott Member 01/24/2011 San Mateo County Treasurer-Tax Collector
Daneca Halvorson Member 10/20/2014 Treasurer, City of Daly City
Helen Fisicaro Member 10/20/2014 Councilmember, Town of Colma


County Treasurer, County Auditor, Auditor-Controller, or Finance Director, a representative appointed by the Board of Supervisors, the County Superintendent of Schools or their designee, a representative selected by a majority of the presiding officers of the governing bodies of the school districts and community college districts of the county, up to five public members nominated by the Treasurer and confirmed by the Board of Supervisors, one member selected by the Presidents of the various School Boards, a representative selected by a majority of the presiding officers of the legislative bodies of the special districts in the county that required or authorized to deposit funds in the county treasury.


Except for the designated members, all serve at the pleasure of their appointing agency.


To evaluate general strategies and to monitor results and shall include in its discussions the economic outlook, portfolio diversification, maturity structure and potential risks to the funds. To review and monitor the Investment Policy prepared by the Treasurer of the County and approved by the Board of Supervisors. An annual audit is prepared by Macias, Gini, & O’Connell LLP related to investment compliance. Also, the committee reviews the monthly and quarterly reports of investment pool fund; cash flow reports for the funds, including projections for revenue inflows, maturing securities and interest earnings, and other reports relevant to the operations of the Treasurer’s Office. 

Appointing Authority

Board of Supervisors




Brian J. Wong, Deputy County Counsel
Office of the County Counsel
400 County Center, 6th Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063


Government Code Section 27130 etc.; Resolution 60737 adopted November 26, 1996