Ensures the independence and dignity of the elderly and disabled consumer of home care.


1st Wednesday of every other month (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov)

10:00 AM-12:00 PM
225 37th Avenue, Room 137
San Mateo, CA 94403


Current Membership Title Appointed Expires Representing
Gladys Pasiecznik Recipient 10/20/2015 12/31/2019  
Ligia Andrade Recipient 10/20/2015 12/31/2019  
Helen Lo Recipient   4/26/2016 12/31/2020  
Diane Prosser Committee Member   4/26/2016 12/31/2020  
Dolores Clemente Committee Member   4/26/2016 12/31/2020  


The Public Authority Advisory Committee shall consist of five (5) members, three (3) of whom shall be individuals who are current or past users of personal assistance services paid for through public or private funds or current or past recipients of In-Home Supportive Services pursuant to Article 7 of Chapter 3 of Part 3 of Division 9 of the Welfare & Institutions Code.  “Users of services” shall be defined to mean either the recipient of services or a member of the recipient’s household who provides services to the recipient. The remaining two (2) members of the Public Authority Advisory Committee shall be appointed based on their interest in public service and experience and/or educational background relevant to the functions of the Public Authority.


Members of the Public Authority Advisory Committee shall serve terms of four years, which terms begin on January 1 of the year of appointment and end on December 31 of the fourth year.  Upon conclusion of a term, a member may be reappointed subject to a maximum of three full terms.  


The Public Authority Advisory Committee was established to meet and confer with the Public Authority about those aspects of the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Program that relate to home care providers. The Advisory Committee will focus primarily on issues relating to IHSS provider training and the maintenance of the IHSS Provider Registry.


Board of Supervisors




Aimee B. Armsby, Deputy County Counsel
Office of the County Counsel
400 County Center, 6th Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063


Ordinance No. 4742 adopted July 21, 2015